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Count and filter your Devices with Interface Summary 📈

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Shared by Mollie • December 16, 2022

Introducing our latest UI release, Device Interface Summary. To make it easier for you to identify the connectivity of your devices, we provided you with a new tab called Device Interface Summary.

The new tab within the Device Tab can help you monitor the activity on your configured device, allowing you to streamline the devices connected to the service and focus on those that are not.

🟢 Connected

  • This device is currently connected to this service via an active connection.


  • Currently, a device is not connected or had joined at one point to the service.

🟠 Never Connected

  • The device indicates that it has never been connected to the service in this state.


  • This state indicates that the device has been moved from a Group or a Network. The device will revert to a normal state after making the change.

🔵 Activating

  • In this state, the device is in the provisioning process. Once created, the device moves to one of its custom-defined states.

🔴 Error

  • This state indicates that an error has occurred in processing. Details of the error will be listed. This section will only be visible if an error has been shown.