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Introducing Bulk User Creation! ⏩

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Shared by Mollie • April 30, 2024

Are you tired of the tedious task of individually adding multiple coworkers to your account? Say goodbye to the hassle with our latest feature: Bulk User Creation.

Gone are the days of laboriously inputting each email address one by one. With our new feature, you can now effortlessly add multiple users in one swift action. Simply copy and paste a list of emails, optionally including first and last names, select their roles, click Confirm, and voilà – your team members are seamlessly integrated into your account.

Save time, eliminate frustration, and optimize your workflow with Bulk User Creation. Try it out today and experience the efficiency firsthand.

You wish you could use this pattern in other area? Let us know. Click 📱 for devices, 🛡️ for policies (Website rules, IP ACLs).