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🌎 New device usage insights via CSV - ASN, AS Org Name and Destination Countries

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Shared by Mollie • January 22, 2024

Have you ever looked at your device usage, and felt that you needed more detailed information? What is that IP traffic? What system does it belong to? With which countries my devices are communicating with?

We are glad to announce that we improved the Website Internet Usage CSV! You can download all the top 50 Websites Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) and associated categories, but now enriched with the ASN, AS Org Name, and even Destination Countries.

  • ASN stands for Autonomous System Number. It is a unique number assigned to an Autonomous System (AS), which is a collection of IPs (Internet Protocol) networks and routers under the control of a single organization that presents a common routing policy to the internet.
  • AS Org Name refers to the organization or entity that is associated with a specific Autonomous System. This name provides information about the entity that owns or controls the networks within that autonomous system.
  • Destination Country Code refers to the Country Code as per ISO Alpha-3 and Indicates the country in which the destination IP is located.
  • Destination Country Name refers to the common name of the Country in which the destination IP is located.

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